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Global Running Club
We Run the World

Welcome to the Global Running Club 


The Global Running Club (GRC) was founded in 2000.  We are a Washington, DC area based club whose goal is to promote health and fitness primarily through running. 

Join us as we venture to new and different cities to participate in 5Ks, 10K, Half-marathons and full marathons. Each event is an exciting adventure which allows us to give back to the cities and towns we run in.
We offer group and individual training runs for all abilities and goals. 

GRC believes in support to global communities. 


Join us..................  lace up your running shoes and come with us and:                                                                                            


Join us at Our Signature event for 2017  at the Reggae Running Festival in Negril, Jamaica...we offer a travel package which includes all-inclusive accommodations, race entry, a beach party and more  Nov 30 - 5 Dec 2017

Reggae Marathon

Reggae Marathon Running Festival

(10K, Half or Full Marathon)




                          Contact Steve Coles for details @